Mr. Spud

Potato week was a bit too potato-y for my liking – I went home with 7 kg of potatoes!  But it was still fun.

Some interesting things that I didn’t know about cooking with potatoes:

  • The salt water you use to boil potatoes (or pasta) should taste like sea water
  • The trick to great potato salad is to mix your (non-mayonnaise) dressing in while it’s hot.  The idea is to allow the potatoes to release steam, which will make room for the potatoes to re-absorb new moisture (i.e. your potato dressing) and add flavour.  The potatoes should be cooked about 65-75% of the way (they will continue to cook when you take it out of the water).
  • To make crispy french fries, you want to first blanch your potatoes in oil at 275 F to remove moisture from the potatoes, let them cool, and then fry them a second time at 375F

One thought on “Mr. Spud

  1. Dear Chef,
    Thanks for the ‘salt water’ tip – Q: is that simply for taste or also to control starch release from the food or something else like that?
    Also, any comments/tips on whether to use milk or cream or only butter when mashing/whipping potatos? I’ve heard various points of view.

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